Fred Celio

Business Analyst



  • Extensive experience working with senior management and software development teams on many different contract opportunities specializing in all aspects of work flow, object identification, Business Requirements Documents, Gathering, and defining requirements, conducting and coordinating UAT.
  • Extensive experience writing design specifications, requirements, business rules, test plans, test cases, test scenarios, and test procedures for all phases of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) using various structured methodologies as well as defining and writing use cases and user stories and participating in twice daily scrums Agile.
  • Experience with an array of automated test tools including the HP and IBM suite across platforms and languages that include VB, Java, C, C++, C#
  • Gather Business Requirements, write business documentation and white papers, conduct and facilitate presentations, perform requirements analysis
  • Reporting and tracking of defects and assurance of defect retest and acceptance
  • Extensive experience with SSMS for both ETL and BI. This includes SSIS and SSRS components.
  • Written hundreds of SQL queries


Technical Skills
·        Access, ALM, ADABAS, APACHE, AUTOSYS, ASP, C++, C#,  Citrix, COBOL, Crystal Reports, Data Warehouse, DB2, Excel, Easytrieve, File-Aid, ADT, ASAP, Stork, Willow, Radiant, OpTime, Informix, Java, Jmeter, JUNIT, JCL, Mainframe, Mantis, Mercury AP,scripting, SQL SUN Solaris Teradata, UNIX, LINUX, SOAP, SOLARIS, .net, Visual Studio, ChangeMan, CICS, CLIST, Endevor, Linux, MS Project, Perl Scripting, Poweradata, B2, XML, AB, PHP, PHPUnit, tortoiseSVN, XAMMP, JETBrains, Selenium

·        Mainframe ADABAS, Teradata, DB2, Cobol, C, OS/MVS, OS/VS, OS/390 etc. JCL, TSO/ISPF, REX, sync/sort, SAS, SPUFI, QMF etc.

Business Skills
·        Applications:  ICD 9 to ICD 10 Conversions; EPIC upgrade; Provider Projects for Claims, Pharmacy, HL7 Transmission and EDI Electronic Data Interchange transmissions, ICD 9 to 10 Conversion, Membership, Benefits, and Providers; Pharmacy Subsystems to include Membership and Billing Divisions, claims processing; Telcom Applications for Billing and Financial; Program Manager Banking System; Health Insurance Provider Resource Management, written communications,
·  Provider Health Care Subject Areas:  Claims, Pharmacy, Providers
·  Methodologies:  Agile, RUP, SDLC
·  Phases:  Requirements Gathering, Requirements Definition, Business Design, UAT Strategy, Test Execution, Defect Tracking
·  Tools & Standards: Rational Clear Case, RUP, RQM, Mercury Suite (Quality Center), ALM, QTP, Test Director , Selenium, Jira, Jenkins
Leadership / Management Skills
·        Team Size:  Lead teams of up to 105 (5 local seniors and 100 remote junior tester multiple business analysts across project/departments/lines of business. (CHI) Worked with up to 24 developers and 4 development managers. (Wellpoint, ADP)

·        Off shore teams of 30 testers 15 in India and 15 in Philippines agile with twice daily stand-ups (Wellpoint)

·        Ad-hoc teams that included business analysts and developers from 5 different departments, these had to be scheduled and approved by the individual managers and scheduled sequentially for validation. These teams included generally 5 resources 4 developers and a business analyst (Kaiser)

·        Mentored QA Manager (Digital Insight)

·        Ad-Hoc 15 different projects 15 different vendors, 15 different communication protocols. two different business analysts, reviewed design documentation, developed mock data coordinated and reported issues on the testing effort. Had ultimate go no-go responsibility.

·  PMI Disciplines:  Wrote multiple test plan and test strategy documents for team’s lead and for individual projects where I was the sole tester. All Test Plan and Test Strategy documents included scheduling of resources, including development support as approved by their managers, risk management including exit criteria and issue or defect management. Lead defect or issue management in multiple roles.
·  Industry Standards:  HL7, HIPPA, Medicaid, SOX, ETL, Claims, Benefits, Plans, Copays, Deductibles, Providers including PCP (NPI), ICD9 ICD10 EP CPT, IC, McKesson, IVR, etc.


Employer From To Position Type
CTG Dec 2014 Present Business Analyst/QA Consultant
Catholic Health Initiatives Jan 2014   Nov 2014 Business Analyst UAT coordinator Consultant
WellPoint Mar 2012 Jan 2014 Lead Analyst BA, System, UAT Consultant
ADP Sep 2010 Feb 2012 Business Analyst UAT coordinator Consultant
Kaiser Permanente Apr 2010 Aug 2010 Business manager UAT Test Coordinator Consultant
CSC Dec 2006 Sep 2009 Senior Technical Designer Employee
Union Bank Sep 2006 Dec 2006 Business Lead UAT Test Coordinator Consultant
Digital Insight May 2006 Aug 2006 Business Analyst Lead Quality Assurance Consultant
Kaiser Permanente Dec 2005 Apr 2006 Lead Business Analyst Quality Assurance Consultant
Longs Pharmacy IT July 05 Dec 05 Business Analyst Quality Assurance Consultant


Bachelor of Art, Computer Science
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA


Graduate Studies
San Jose State University, San Jose, CA
University of Southern California




CTG, Torrance, CA (Remote) Dec 2014 – Present

Position:  Analyst Consultant

I am part of a team building a Data Warehouse ETL for a healthcare customer. My role is to work on SQL Server Management Studio, stored procedures, Define Business Rules, Insure SOX compliance, UAT generation and coordination. Gather and define business rules, features, and user stories. Coordinate with senior managers and end users. Review design documents, Test Plans Test Cases, Test Execution, Defect Tracking using agile methodology; monitored Unit, Functional, Systems, and End to End Testing; execute SQL Queries.


  • Involved in gathering and defining Business Rules
  • Work on Developer Facing Testing and Business Facing Testing; Automated and Manual Testing
  • Involved in Data Mapping and Data Conversion, including decomposing and backward mapping of EDI Transmissions
  • Work on various subsystems including: Claims, Pharmacy, and Provider
  • Write Test Plan and client facing deliverable documents; document all test results into developer and client facing documents
  • Make Go/No Go decisions
  • Write and execute hundreds of Test Scripts using SSMS
  • Liaison between Business/Client, developers and Project Management; responsible for Quality Assurance Reports at various Milestones

Skills Used: SQL/Server, SQL/Server management System including SSIS and SSRS, .net, windows, VB, MS Office Excel, Word, DWETL



Catholic Health Initiatives, Denver, CO;

Tacoma, WA; and Atlanta, GA

Jan 2014 – Nov 2014

Position:  Business Analyst UAT coordinator Consultant

Write test strategy, test plans, and test procedures for CHI Franciscan Health Services portion for ICD10 conversion EPIC and windows upgrades applications. Web based online applications for EPIC and windows as well as Linux/Unix.


  • Worked in an Agile environment and was involved with Daily Standups
  • Gathered and defined Business Rules
  • Work on  various subsystems including: Claims, Pharmacy, Admission, In patient, Out Patient

Skills Used: UNIX, Windows, Web, APIs, Web-based applications, JIRA, HP/ALM (QC), MS Office, Rational Suite, RQM, HP ALM, SVN, Tortoise, REST, PHP UNIT, JetBrains, XAMPP, ADT, ASAP, Stork, Willow, Radiant, OpTime


WellPoint, Woodland Hills CA Mar 2012 – Jan 2014

Position:  Lead Analyst BA, System, UAT  Consultant

I was responsible for testing multiple projects including claims, Decomposing HL7 and EDI transmission, ICD9-10 conversion, membership, benefits, and providers; this included all aspects of test planning and execution. My role was to contribute to the development of the testing framework, attend daily scrums leading two offshore teams, attend design review meetings, gather requirements, write test plans, assign resources, review test cases(scripts), write test cases(scripts), execute test cases (scripts), and preside at daily defect triage meetings.


  • Involved in System Integration Testing and End to End through to handoff to UAT
  • Work on various subsystems including: Claims, Pharmacy, Membership, Hl7, ICD9, ICD10, Benefits, Provider
  • Performed Unit Testing of web application for discrepancies; performed automated and manual testing using ALM, QTP, Rational Tool Suite
  • Reviewed and wrote Requirements; generated SQL scripts
  • Performed tests and logged defects
  • Validated multiple reports, including multi-product and usage invoice

Skills Used: UNIX, Windows, Mainframe, MVS, JCL, TSO/ISPF, Cobol, SPUFI,, APIs, Selenium, VB, C, C#, Data Warehousing, MS Office, QTP/UFT, LoadRunner, Excel, MS Project, PowerPoint, Rational Suite, RQM, ClearQuest, Test Quality Center/ALM, ALM QC,  SVN, Tortoise, REST, PHP UNIT, JetBrains, XAMPP, ADT, ASAP, Stork, Willow, Radiant, OpTime


ADP, San Dimas, CA Sep 2010 – Feb 2012

Position:  Business Analyst Consultant

Wrote test plans; designed, wrote and executed test cases (scripts) for multiple feeds from businesses transmitted to government agencies; worked with onshore and offshore teams.


  • Performed System Integration Testing and End to End Testing following SDLC methodology; performed automated and manual Testing using QTP, scripts, frameworks, record and playback
  • Reviewed and wrote Requirements; wrote Test Cases
  • Executed Test Cases and logged and tracked defects
  • Attended design reviews; interacted with development and development managers as necessary
  • Generated SQL scripts

Skills Used: UNIX, Windows, Web, Mainframe, MVS, JCL, Cobol, TSO/ISPF SPUFI,, APIs, Web-based applications, Selenium, VB, C, C#, Data warehousing, MS Office, QTP, Suite Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Rational Suite, RQM, ClearQuest, ALM QC, Quality  Center/ALM,  LINUX, UNIX, Shell scripting, Perl scripts, APIs, MVS, C#, LoadRunner, scripts, framework, white and black box


Kaiser Permanente, Burbank, CA Apr 2010 – Aug 2010

Position:  Business Manager UAT Test Coordinator Consultant

Set up various network configurations for testing purposes for multiple applications including membership and billing divisions.


  • Performed System Integration Testing as well as End to End Testing
  • Reviewed and wrote requirements for all aspects of healthcare applications including billing and accounting
  • Wrote Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Procedures, and Test Scripts; executed Scripts; logged defects
  • Involved in automated and manual testing using QTP, scripts, frameworks, record and playback
  • Generated SQL scripts, including SSMS with SSIS components.
  • Validated multiple reports, including multi-product and usage invoice

Skills Used: , Mainframe, MVS, JCL, Cobol, TSO/ISPF, DB2,  SPUFI, QMF, LINUX, and windows, VB manual and automated test execution, Quality Center, LINUX, UNIX, Shell scripting, Perl scripts, APIs, MVS, C#, QTP, Decompose HL7 and EDI messaging, LoadRunner, white and black box testing


CSC, El Segundo, CA Dec 2006 – Sep 2009

Position:  Senior Technical Designer Employee

I provided software quality assurance for telecom applications and other communications billing and financial applications. I managed four projects in UAT; these consisted of 4 to 6 resources from vendors and the client AT&T. I was responsible for scheduling, test planning, working with on shore and off-shore teams, and performance.


  • Set up client/server networks as necessary for testing including Linux and sequel/server
  • Wrote and designed test methodologies at the functional, systems and integration testing, and user acceptance testing levels (UAT)
  • Decomposing and Data Mapping EDI Transmissions
  • Reviewed and wrote requirements; generated SQL scripts
  • Worked on telecommunications applications including applying taxes, usage fees and PUC taxes
  • Data communications including broadband audio and video teleconferencing
  • Billing and accounting
  • Wrote Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Procedures, Test Scripts; executed Scripts
  • Involved in automated and manual Testing using QTP, scripts, frameworks, record and playback; logged defects
  • Validated multiple reports, including multi-product and usage invoice

Skills Used: , Mainframe, MVS, JCL, C, TSO/ISPF Teradata, .net, Web-based applications, C, C#, Data Warehousing,  MS Office , QTP, Selenium, LoadRunner, Suite Excel, Project, PowerPoint


Union Bank, Los Angeles, CA Sep 2006 – Dec 2006

Position:  Business Lead UAT Test Coordinator Consultant

I managed 2 testers and I reported directly to the Program Manager at Union bank.  Responsible for test planning and scheduling including phased implementation, test procedures and defect management.


  • Charted progress and estimated all resources needed for task completion
  • Created Test Cases, Test Procedures, Test Scripts
  • Reviewed and wrote requirements individually and in technical review meetings with the client
  • Performed automated and manual testing; monitored Build and Release packages
  • Mentored Team Members; close interaction with Client Program Manager, including JAD and SCRUMS
  • Executed Scripts; performed testing and logged defects

Skills Used: QTP, Quality Center, Selenium, Windows, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Mantis


Digital Insight, Calabasas, CA May 2006 – Aug 2006

Position:  Business Analyst Lead Quality Assurance Consultant

Responsible for one tester and another QA manger that I mentored in QA best practices.  Wrote test plans including scheduling and resource management.   Attended all design meetings with designers and business and marketing executives; participated in design, requirements definition, use case definition, test procedures and scripts.


  • Charted progress and estimated all resources needed for task completion
  • Designed specific testing environments; involved in System and Integration Testing
  • Evaluated design and requirements documents; registered comments with the technical staff to ensure government mandated contract compliance
  • Wrote Test Plans; designed over 100 Test Cases, Test Procedures, and Test Scripts.
  • Wrote automated and manual test scripts; generated SQL Scripts
  • Performed testing and logged defects

Skills Used: C#,, APACHE, (MDAPI), Windows, SQL Server, Selenium, Excel, Project, PowerPoint


Kaiser Permanente, Pasadena, CA Dec 2005 – Apr 2006

Position:  Lead Business Analyst Quality Assurance Consultant

Independently developed a resource management and reporting system. I was responsible for one other resource; worked closely with the development team and individual developers.  Wrote test plans, performed requirements gathering and analysis, wrote test procedures, scheduled test execution, logged and tracked defects and monitored test execution progress.


  • Wrote and executed 100s of Test Procedures, Test Cases, and Test Scripts
  • Performed System Testing including interfaces and GUIs; performed Internet/Web-based testing
  • Analyzed programs for efficiency, provided feedback to the engineering staff
  • Developed a prototype Resource Management Entry and Reporting system using Access and VB to ensure contract and government mandated compliance
  • Wrote SQL Queries; performed Report Validation
  • Followed/complied to HL7 EDI standards in decomposing and mapping messages
  • Involved in automated and manual testing; system, integration, and acceptance testing
  • Documented and tracked software defects
  • Complete Documentation Responsibilities

Skills Used: LMIS, Mainframe, MVS OS/390, JCL, TSO/ISPF, Cobol, DB2, SPUFI, QMF, Web, Client/Server, Distributed, DB2, SAS, File-Aid (DB2)   ChangeMan, Mercury Suite including Quality Center (Test Director), QTP, C++, COBOL,  JCL, File-Aid, CA AutoSys, LoadRunner, Pharmacy,  UNIX, Shell scripting, Windows, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, .net


Longs Pharmacy IT, Walnut Creek Ca                                                                07/05 – 12/05

Position: Business Analyst Quality Assurance Consultant

Performed lead QA function in gathering and analyzing recruitments for a major government mandated change to pharmacy reporting form Medicare plan D.  Wrote test plan, requirements matrix test procedures and scripts for this major enhancement.  Attended meetings with design staff and business executives. Set up several testing networks including client server and IVR configurations.  Test and trouble-shoot network configurations.   White box, Black box, C++ wrote several test simulators to test batch process.



  • Design, document and perform tests for the pharmacy system including customer billing, Internet/web-based ordering and in store functions.
  • Insure Government mandated compliance.
  • Provided detailed analysis to the programming staff.
  • Hl7
  • Wrote and executed 100s of Test Cases, Test Procedures, Test Scripts
  • Wrote and tested shell scripts
  • Extreme SQL Queries
  • Automated and manual testing
  • Complete Documentation
  • Mentored Team Members
  • Created test environments and scenarios for HL7, billing and eligibility verification for Longs pharmacy throughout the country.
  • Wrote Perl and Shell scripts to unload and interpret various records, as well as front end simulation


Skills Used:

Environment: Main Frame Windows NT, Informix, MySQL, ASP, DB2,JCL,  SQL, MS Word, MS Excel, Cobol, Certify, HPUX, Client-Server, Distributed, MS Project, OS/390 – MVS, Mercury Quality Center, QTP, COBOL,  JAVA, LMIS, Windows suite Excel, Project, PowerPoint.



Transunion, Chicago, IL                                                 12/04 – 05/05

Position: Business Analyst Consultant


  • Developed a complete Regression Test, wrote the Test Plan Test Procedures Test Cases, Test Scripts and conducted the testing concurrently with financial applications development.
  • Automated and manual Testing
  • Extreme SQL queries
  • Performed trade study in support of regression testing a large-scale financial system.
  • Validate Reports
  • Conduct comparisons using Princeton Softech, JAVA and DB2.
  • Attended and hosted JAD sessions on regression/Integration testing.
  • Complete Documentation


Skills Used:

Environment: Mainframe OS-390 – MVS, JCL, Finance, DB2, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Data Warehouse, QuickTestPro, Loadrunner, Shell scripts, Windows suite Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Mercury Quality Center (Test Director), QTP, Rational Clear Quest, CA Autosys, Windows, (MDAPI), JAVA.


Kaiser Permanente, Walnut Creek, CA                                                   03/04 – 11/04

Position: Lead Quality Assurance Analyst Consultant




  • Wrote Test Plans
  • Wrote, Executed, and documented the results of 100s of Test Procedures, Test Cases, Test Scripts
  • Mentored Team Members
  • Performed system testing for next-generation Claims Processing system, including interfaces, and GUIs and Internet testing.
  • Led a team responsible for testing the Automated outside Management System, for referrals to non-Kaiser facilities.
  • Wrote SQL Queries.
  • Wrote Test Plans and executed Test Procedures for HL7 eligibility and billing verification for the AOMS system in a large-scale mainframe environment. This included linking multiple mainframes for message, billing and eligibility verification.
  • Documented and tracked defects.

Skills Used:

Environment: Mainframe, MVS, JCL, SPUFI, QMF, and Web based, Client/Server, Distributed, File-Aid(DB2), OS/390,  DB2, JCL, File-Aid, Changeman, SAS, Mercury Suite including Quality Center (Test Director), QTP, C++, COBOL, Loadrunner, UNIX, Shell scripting, Windows.