Please select the Resume you want to view from the menu. Remember each resume represents an outline of Fred’s experience.  None represents the complete breadth and depth of Fred’s experience. Each is designed to give the perspective client a snap shot of Fred’s skills and experience.

Fred brings a wealth of skills and knowledge backed-up by deep experience in each consulting area. Providing value to the client across industries, projects, platforms, operating systems and languages are the hallmarks of Fred Celio’s career.

Having been educated in software development in a very rigorous and structured environment, working in the United States Defense industry on space related projects, Fred knows the value of quality software, well designed processes, and meeting stake holder desires.  Fred is dedicated to giving the client stake holder, processes that work according to their needs and within their budgets.

Long hours and thoroughness are part of the business whether working in a highly structured environment, or providing less formal deliveries.

Remember with Fred on your team, The Sky Is The Limit.


Fred Celio – Consultant